Tracey Lowden - Marlow Counsellor

About Counselling - some common questions

Do I need Counselling?

People often want to know if counselling will help them. The value of counselling often comes through being able to talk honestly with someone independent of your life about the issues that are truly concerning you. Sometimes things worry us that we are scared or embarrassed to discuss with our friends and family and sometimes we need a new perspective or techniques. That's when a counsellor can help.

How can I help?

The issues that bring you to counselling may be current or something that has stayed with you from your past. I will listen and empathise, trying to understand your world and your drivers. I have many years of experience of helping clients which I can use when working with you. With some clients I also work quite practically using mindfulness, stress management and cognitive behavioural techniques.

In being able to talk, without being judged, you have the opportunity to gain insight and make connections. This enables you to listen to your intuition, helping you make decisions that are right for you. Counselling is a shared process - not something that is done to you.

What will we do?

Our first meeting gives us both the opportunity to see if we can work together. It is important that you feel comfortable with your counsellor. The counsellor must also feel that she is able to work with you and your situation.

Most clients want to know how long the process takes. Each session usually lasts 50 minutes. The number of sessions is often difficult to predict. Sometimes there are additional issues identified as well as the main presenting problem. Also it is the client that sets the pace of the work we do, often depending on other factors in your life.

Typically I see clients weekly for a few sessions and then this will be reviewed and we may continue weekly, or move to fortnightly appointments. I am well aware of the demands of business or shift work. Some clients prefer to come at the same time each week and others need to negotiate each appointment

What issues do you work with?

Each client situation is specific to them. However, some of the issues I work with include:

Stress Low self-esteem
Depression Personal development
Anxiety Life Purpose
Panic Attacks Relationship issues
Post-natal illness Children related issues
Anger Working through life's challenges
Self-harming Abuse
Eating Disorders Bereavement